Dancing & Improvising with Alice Cummins

Dancing &  improvising with Alice Cummins

Somatic foci; spatial awareness and framing; phrasing and musicality; distilling inner and outer narratives

Two–hour classes to dance, play, experiment and compose.Beginning with a practice of attunement through somatic awareness, these classes will generate original ways of moving, refine technique, develop sensitivity, awareness and relationship to space. We will privilege the moving articulate body in the practice of solos, duets, trios and group improvisations. In a rigorous yet generative environment you will accumulate skills that inform decision making in the moment-by-moment composing that is improvisation, recognizing moments of serendipity, those ‘split seconds of paradise’ as we create meaning that suggests itself through the dancing and spatial relationships.

Alice’s work offers dancers, physical theatre performers and movement artists unique approaches to technique, composition and improvisational performance.

Dates for the 2018 series:

5 April-17 May

9 August-13 September

18 October-29 November

Time:               Thursdays 6.30pm-8.30pm

Venue:             Cecil Street Studio, 66 Cecil Street, Fitzroy


FURTHER ENQUIRIES 0419 227800  www.alicecummins.com  alice@footfall.com.au

Direct payment: Alice Cummins, NAB

BSB: 082057 ACC: 559585230

Confirmation will be sent on receipt of payment


Alice is a dance artist and Body-Mind Centering®Practitioner and has been teaching her work nationally and internationally for over twenty years. Her career has spanned the leap from classical to post-modern dance and she has studied and been inspired by Nancy Stark-Smith, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton and Julyen Hamilton amongst other luminaries of the post-modern dance world. Alice has a Masters from Victoria University and she has taught at universities in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth within theatre, dance, visual art and interior architecture departments. Alice has been a mentor to a generation of Australia dance and theatre artists.