Connection Contemporary Jazz Classes

CONNECTION Contemporary Jazz Classes

Connection to the body as a unit; connection to the experience of movement.

In the studios of Portland (Oregon) Tracey Durbin offers dance training for professionals, pre-professionals, and hobbyist dancers that is a beautiful balance of challenge for the body and medicine for the soul. This class is the training of choice for Portland’s professional companies BodyVox and Northwest Dance Project. There is focus on alignment, finding a deep center of gravity, core engagement, and musicality.  The technique is rooted in Luigi Jazz technique (crafted by Luigi as a therapeutic practice of changing his body from a damaged instrument to a fine-tuned machine).

Now here in Melbourne, this open-level class is available at Cecil St Studio on Tuesday afternoons from 4:30-5:45pm. Class begins with a continuous movement warm up, continuing on to strength and flexibility exercises, jazz tendus and plies, isolation sequences from latin and ethnic origins, and the opportunity to build a combination through further exploration of the body.  All are welcome – this is a safe, positive, community-oriented experience.

About the instructor;

April has been dancing since primary school days, going from pre-professional ballet training, to high school modern dance clubs, to obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance from the conservatory program at American College Dance Festival awarded Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan.  After moving to Portland, Oregon in 2014 April began training with Tracey Durbin and her Luigi-based classes.   She has also been a choreographer, producer, and dancer acting as co-artistic director of PDX Dance Collective in Portland from 2014 until her departure for Melbourne in October of 2016.  She has been teaching ballet and jazz classes for over 8 years to all ages from toddler to adult and from beginner to advanced studies.  April is also a yoga teacher and self proclaimed “anatomy and physics nerd”, and has dedicated her life to helping others find the joy of movement as a method of finding self-love.

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