Alexander Technique – by appt

Alexander Technique
with Noelle Rees-Hatton

Noelle Rees-Hatton is an improvisation performer and Alexander Teacher. Noelle has taught for over twenty years – in private practice, at West Australian Academy of Performing Arts and at Melbourne Alexander Teacher Training School. She teaches individual sessions in Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique is a comprehensive approach to self care and management. It can be incorporated into ones life regardless of sphere or activity. The stresses and strains of life leave their mark on us in patterns of tension which contribute to discomfort and pain. We can take these patterns with us into everything we do. An Alexander lesson involves gentle hands on work, encouraging the unravelling of patterns of tension to restore balance and integration of body and mind. This experience is often felt as a sense of ease and support, lightness and relief.

By appointment

Noelle  0466961443