Keen to find a permanent home for the improvisation community they belonged to, Martin Hughes and Fiona Cook established Cecil Street Studio in 1997. They managed the studio for ten years juggling its admin duties amongst a growing family and their own work commitments.
Read more in this interview with them by Joey Lehrer, published in <proximity> magazine.

Following Martin and Fiona to Cecil Street Studio were State of Flux (Martin was a founding member of the collective) and the weekly Tuesday night Contact Improvisation jam (which had its origin in early 1996), Al Wunder and his Theatre of the Ordinary workshops, and the monthly performance evening Conundrum (with regulars, State of Flux and 5 Square Metres, joined by invited guests). It didn’t take long for many other practitioners of Improvisation practice, learning and performance to become part of the thriving community that inhabited Cecil Street Studio. (some of which are listed on our links page).
Read more about Conundrum and Cecil Street Studio in this article written by Shaun McLeod, published in <proximity> magazine.

There are many more stories out there that belong to the history of Cecil Street Studio and we are keen to hear about them, and hope to possibly add them to the website to allow others to read about this amazing community.

Did you come to every Conundrum performance? Or maybe you attended some of the very first ones way back in 1996 at Cubitt Street and were one of the few that experienced it both at Cubitt Street and then at Cecil Street Studio. Did you attend some of the original Feast workshops? Have you been coming to the Contact Improvisation jam since it started in 1996?

If you have any amazing stories/highlights of the last 14 years then email them to us.