The Book of Clown-Performance


THE BOOK OF CLOWN is a one hour show/play of clown-theatre.

The show starts with a small accident that really pisses off the clown. Thus begins a search for hidden causes of one’s reality.
The show represents life’s journey through belief and doubt, resolutions leading to new futility. The show is funny, witty, sacrilegious.
The Director – Dr. Ira Seidenstein has been involved in more than 140 live productions of theatre, dance, circus, burlesque, vaudeville, and avant-garde/experimental theatre. He has evolved a co-creation process that he refers to as “Quantum Theatre” when discussing the cosmic aspects and hidden potential of energy at any moment in life, or, as “Fellini Theatre” when discussing the unique presence and hidden potential of an individual actor. Dr. Seidenstein is an expert in clown-theatre, physical theatre, Shakespeare, mime, classical acting, slapstick and vaudeville. He has been a combined performer-and-teacher with Cirque du Soleil, Slava’s Snowshow, Bell Shakespeare Company, Opera Australia and numerous independent projects internationally. He is Mentor to a wide, international collection of actors, clowns, directors, choreographers, and teachers.
The two actors and co-creators of THE BOOK OF CLOWN are Emily Burton who is a Graduate of the University of Southern California and Sang Park who was a student and award winning film actor at Inha Film & Theatre School of South Korea. Ms Burton and Mr. Park came to Brisbane to have professional development training with Dr. Seidenstein at his ISAAC – International School for Acting And Creativity. THE BOOK OF CLOWN will play in Brisbane, Blue Mountains, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris in 2016 and will tour in the USA in 2017.
Tickets are available at The Door from 630pm Saturday October 1st and Sunday October 2nd. The show starts at 7pm.