Welcome to Cecil Street Studio

Cecil Street Studio is Melbourne’s home for independent improvisation and movement practices. Currently managed by Cecil’s Moving Body Inc., and now moving into its 14th year, Cecil Street Studio has a vibrant community and history.

On this website you’ll be able to find out about regular classes, special workshops, and upcoming events and performances happening at Cecil Street Studio. You’ll also be able to find details about hiring the studio for your rehearsal or class, as well as information about getting here, the history of the studio, the latest Cecil Street Studio news and (hopefully soon) a gallery of images/videos of previous activities at Cecil Street Studio.
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Cecil’s Moving Body Inc. Mission Statement

“to support the continuance of the improvisational and movement-based awareness and performance practices as currently exist at Cecil Street Studio by providing and administering an affordable, accessible space for classes and performance.”

Board Members
President : Peter Trotman
Vice-President : Noelle Rees-Hatton
Treasurer : Peter Trotman
Secretary: Janice Florence

Ashlee Barton

Peter Fraser

Kevin Jeynes

Phil Mitchell

Zoe Phillips

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